Rod of Iron Kingdom (Print Version)


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On February 2018, our small church in the sleepy town of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania held a marriage blessing ceremony and invited members from around the world to bring their AR-15 rifles. Planning this event had begun more than six months before.

Although there was concern about the recent tragic events in the Parkland, Florida school shooting, it was our sense that if God had inspired us six months ago, He wasn’t going to change His mind due to one lunatic. There was no way we could have anticipated the firestorm of publicity that followed. “Gun Church in PA Blesses AR-15’s!” and “The Gun Church in Pennsylvania!” screamed the headlines. This book tells the real reasons for the ceremony, and how they are related to the serious challenges facing our nation and world.

Chapter 1 – Parkland, Florida
Chapter 2 – Newfoundland, PA
Chapter 3 – Civil War in the Western World
Chapter 4 – The Leftwing Fascist Threat to the West
Chapter 5 – The Challenge of Political Islam
Chapter 6 – Our Judeo-Christian Foundation Protects Freedom for All
Chapter 7 – He Shall Rule Them with a Rod of Iron
Chapter 8 – Legal Use of Firearms Saves Lives
Chapter 9 – Racist Origins of Gun Control
Chapter 10 – Peace Police Peace Militia
Chapter 11 – The Choice