What Is HSU?

Holy Spirit University (HSU) is the name given by Pastor Hyung Jin Sean Moon to Sanctuary Church small groups. Begun in 2015, HSU is a world-wide ministry led by YOU. Classes are conducted by individuals who are guided by the Holy Spirit to teach a course in the topic of their choice- the only requirements are that classes must be Christ-centered and biblically-based.

Cultivating love and respect in marriage, training in godly parenting, creating a lifestyle of preparedness are just a few of the dozens of topics that have been explored over the last eight years. Individuals have broad freedom to create classes based on their particular interests, passions, and talents.

Classes are usually 10-12 weeks in length; there are three semesters per year (February-April; June-August; October-December).

HSU’s presence online as well as on location enables our international Sanctuary Church community to develop lasting bonds of friendship. Participants have joined from Korea, Japan, Russia, Africa, England, Italy, Spain, as well as the U.S.

HSU is also a great way to reach out to new people to meet together in topics of mutual interest. HSU classes are not support or counseling groups, nor are they pure study groups. Rather, they are used to cultivate spiritual fellowship together, a fellowship informed by Scripture and pursued through prayer, study, and interpersonal reflection.

Since its inception, HSU has sponsored over 500 spirit-filled classes. Please join us in a life-long adventure of learning!