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    “Does God Exist?”

    Leader: Michinari Sakai

    Michinari’s apologetics class using William Craig’s “Reasonable Faith” book was both highly informative and inspiring. At first I thought it would be too challenging, but once I did the required reading and we got together to discuss, things became more clear. I now feel more confident to debate atheists or those who “aren’t sure”. Mich broke it down for us with easy to understand videos and summaries. I recommend this class to everyone, believers and non-believers alike!

    -Diana Aiga

    “The Rod of Iron: Reigning with Crowns of Cheon Il Guk”

    Leader: Lesa Ellanson

    For many of us, exposure to the world of firearms, especially in the context of our church life, is new and challenging.  I had never held a firearm until a few months ago.  Lesa is a wonderful, heartistic and experienced instructor.  The class included a textbook about firearms written from a Christian perspective, Father’s words, and videos from the second King.  Lesa created a casual, friendly atmosphere, making everyone feel comfortable to discuss this important topic.

    -Alan Feldsott

    “Gospel Family: A Guide to the Kingdom”

    Led by Robert and Gaia Carvell

    I felt deeply blessed by the class led by Rob and Gaia Carvell, based on their inspirational book “Gospel Family – A Guide to the Kingdom.” We were guided into the depth of the 8 verses of the Family Pledge, which Father has left for us as one of the 8 Great Textbooks. It was enriching to share with other classmates from Russia, Japan and the United States…I recommend this class and this great book to all supporters and builders of the Heavenly Kingdom.

    -Burgi Hutcherson

     “Too Busy Not to Pray”

    Led by Dominic Odey Yegwa

    Wow! The HSU class “Too Busy Not to Pray” was empowering! I am now transitioning from being a prayer “worrier” to being a “prayer “WARRIOR!” Our dear brother Dominic Odey from Nigeria led us through the insightful book “Too Busy Not to Pray” by Bill

    Hybels. Pastor Hybels offered many insightful principles about prayer—tuning into the reality of God’s presence, setting a regular prayer time as a daily habit, praying intentionally, creating prayer journals, listening to and acting upon God’s promptings, and so much more! Dominic shared with us the power of midnight prayer vigils, and I learned a lot from other brothers and sisters in the class who shared their struggles and breakthroughs in prayer. For me, the best part of the class was applying the principles I had learned in real life situations…I am grateful for the King’s insight to establish the Holy Spirit University and I look forward to participating in other classes!

    -John Parker

    “Jesus and True Father Are One”

    Led by Kerry Williams

    Since the time I joined Sanctuary, I felt the presence of Jesus and True Father, realized their absolute uniqueness and how much my relationship with Christ is essential to my life. So I really wanted to attend this class to deepen my relationship and understanding.

    The book was full of testimonies, comments and especially Bible passages paralleled with Father’s words, that depicted the many different aspects of Jesus and True Father: their heart towards God and mankind, different aspect of their life and the bold character and amazing love they had. Through reading this material I felt I grew closer to them and to the heart of God. Since this book was full of life giving scriptures I felt it was very beneficial for my spirit, and I want to read it again.

    -Su-won Hadj-amar