Holy Spirit University (HSU) is comprised of on location and online classes that help us develop an everyday lifestyle of living with Christ.

Open to individuals 18 and older, classes meet weekly for 10 -12 weeks.
All times are posted in Eastern Standard Time (USA).
Classes begin the week of June 7th and will end the week of August 23rd, 2020.


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“The Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk” and “The Constitution of the Russian Federation”: Compare, Critique, Counter-Propose.

Leader: Ted O’Grady
Online Only
SUM-CIG Friday 1:00 pm EST

Special attention will be paid to the Introduction and Preamble of the “Cheon Il Guk Constitution” as the theoretical and declarative principle that drives the future establishment of “The Kingdom of God” as an actual sovereign nation. The class will look at the common roots, rights and political structures found in the two Constitutions, exploring the question, “Can the ‘Cheon Il Guk Constitution’ replace, or be incorporated into, the ‘United States Constitution’, the ‘Russian Federation Constitution’, or any other Constitution, if so, how? The class will attempt to answer that question. Class will be given in English, with Russian real-time translation. All nationalities welcome!

Required texts: “The Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk,” “The Constitution of the Russian Federation,” “The United States Constitution,” The Holy Bible.


“Financial Peace University”

Leaders: Peter & Nari Hanna
Online only
SUM-FPU Friday 6:00 pm EST 

Please join us on a journey to build wealth! We will be following the video classes by Dave Ramsey, a God loving, gun-toting Christian, called Financial Peace University. A proven plan that has helped nearly 6 million people STOP living paycheck to paycheck. It covers such topics as Pay-off Debt, Budget, Give Generously.

Required Materials: Financial Peace University (recommended)  www.daveramsey.com/fpu 


“NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting”

Leader: Ji-Yea Moon
On Location in Greeley, PA
SUM-BPS Saturday 10:00 am EST

In my class we will learn the basic skills of shooting and the basic elements of the pistol, which is the necessary tool for citizens of Cheon Il Guk to defend the kingdom as children of God.

Students will receive the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting certificate upon successful completion of the class.

Required Materials: NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Handbook, pistol, ammunition (separated with locks).


“Korean Alphabet (writing and reading)”

Leader:  Annette Yamakawa
On location in Newfoundland Sanctuary Church, PA
SUM-KAW Sunday 10:00 am EST

In my class, we will study the basic fundamentals of writing and reading Korean. Geared for those who are new to studying Korean, my class is open to students of all ages. Instruction will be tailored to the needs of the individual. 

All materials provided


“The Style of Jesus Christ in Parenting” (Russian)

Leader: Alina Klimchuk
Online Only
SUM-CPR Friday at 12:00 pm EST, 19: 00 (Moscow time)

How can a disobedient child open the way to mercy and forgiveness? Why should we look at our children through the eyes of God?
Svetlana Goncharova, a wife, mother of two boys, and Christian parenting consultant, created the author’s method of parenting based on love, not fear, compassion, not judgment, respect, not humiliation, intimacy, not separation, communication, not silence, discipline, not punishment.
The purpose of this course is to understand the importance of unconditional and generous love in the upbringing of our children. Learn about the concept of attachment as an opportunity to pass on our traditions and values to our children.
To form a relationship with our children in which we , as parents, will again play the leading role given by God, without resorting to coercion or threats in order to make children want to cooperate with us, listen to us, and respect us.

Required Materials: Video lessons by Svetlana Goncharova.

Book by Svetlana Goncharova “8 steps to education without suffering”.

Maximum number of people: 10.

Заявка на новый класс в Университете Святого Духа

Название курса: Стиль Иисуса Христа в воспитании детей.

Имя ведущего: Климчук Алина.

Место проведения: онлайн.

Время проведения: Пятница в 19:00 (Московское время), 12:00 (Нью-Йорк).

Описание курса:

Как непослушный ребенок может открыть путь к милосердию и прощению? Почему мы должны смотреть на своих детей глазами Бога?

Светлана Гончарова, жена, мама двоих мальчиков, христианский консультант по воспитанию детей, создала авторскую методику воспитание детей, основываясь на любви, а не страхе, сострадании, а не осуждении, уважении, а не унижении, близости, а не разделении, общении, а не молчании, дисциплине, а не наказании.

Цель этого курса – осознать важность безусловной и щедрой любви в воспитании наших детей. Узнать о понятии привязанности как возможности передать нашим детям свои традиции и ценности.

Сформировать такие отношения с    нашими детьми, в которых  мы,  родители , снова будем играть ведущую роль, данную Богом, не прибегая к принуждениям или угрозам для того, чтобы дети захотели с нами сотрудничать, слушатьс