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Holy Spirit University (HSU) is comprised of on location and online classes that help us develop an everyday lifestyle of living with Christ.

Open to individuals 18 and older, classes meet weekly for 10-12 weeks. All times are posted in Eastern Standard Time (USA). Classes begin the week of October 8.

To register for any class please click on the “Register for the Class” button corresponding to that class. Fill in your information on the registration form that opens up and you will receive an email confirmation that your registration was received (also check your “bulk mail” or “SPAM” folder for the confirmation email).

If you have any questions or feedback about HSU please email hsu@sanctuary-pa.org.

Documentary Video from Summer Semester 2016

Fall 2017 Catalog (PDF)

The catalog PDF contains links to course text books (or videos) for your convenience. Please open the Fall 2017 Catalog PDF in a PDF reader program and click on the name of the book (or video).

HSU Fall 2017 Catalog PDF

Purpose Driven Life (Russian)

Leader: Tatiana Nguizi

Location: Online only

Time: Friday 1:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-PDL

This class will be based on the book by Rick Warren and will help us to rediscover ourselves as God’s unique children. Our life is not an accident! In my class, we will examine the purpose of our life and how it aligns with God’s plan for us. As God is our Father we will renew our unique relationships with Him, bring glory to Him by becoming like Christ. This perspective will teach us to deal with stressful situations, help us in making decisions, restore broken fellowship and cultivate ourselves, our families and a community that bring joy to God and satisfaction in our life.

Required texts: Holy Bible, Purpose Driven Life (Russian) by Rick Warren

Этот класс будет строиться на книге Рика Воррена «Целеустремленная жизнь». Он поможет нам обновить осознание себя как уникальных Божьих детей, чья жизнь не является случайностью, исследовать цель свой жизни в соответствии с Божьим планом для неё. Бог является нашим Отцом, и мы обновим наши уникальные отношения с Ним, став больше похожими на Христа. Эта точка зрения поможет нам справляться с ситуациями стресса, принимать решения, восстанавливать разрушенные отношения и воссоздавать себя, свою семью и сообщество, принося больше радости Богу и больше удовлетворения в свою жизнь.
Книги: Библия, Рик Воррен «Целеустремленная жизнь»

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Love and Respect (Men)

Leader: Lowell Ellanson

Location: Online Only

Time: Monday 7:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-LAR

In this class, we will watch DVD series entitled “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs. We will pursue the understanding of God’s inherent design of men and women. As expressed in Ephesians 5:33, husbands need respect and wives need love. All brothers are welcome- those already blessed, and those preparing for their future blessing and family life.

Required text: Holy Bible

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Study of the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk (Japanese)

Leader: Hitoshi Hoshino

Location: Online only

Time: Friday 7:30 pm EST

Class code: FLL-CIJ

This class has two purposes: to provide a fundamental understanding of the Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk, and the US Constitution. The second purpose is to acquire basic skills to explain the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk.

Required text: “Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk” (Japanese)

日本時間 土曜日 8:30 am EST (金曜 7:30pm)

テキスト:天一国憲法 日本語バージョン アメリカ合衆国憲法 日本語訳

This class is full.

Love and Respect (Korean) (Women)

Leader: Yeonah Lee Moon

Location: Online only

Time: Friday 9:30 am EST

Class code: FLL-LKW

Ephesians 5:33 teaches us that God wants wives to live by respecting our husbands. However, can I respect my future husband even when he is acting unreasonably? When you get blessed, give birth, and raise children, it isn’t easy to always be a loving and respectful mother. What should I do then? Let’s think about it together! Let’s study the words of the Bible about love and respect, cry and laugh together, and be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

Required text: Holy Bible

“사 랑 과 존 경 ” ( 한 국 어 )
인 도 자 : 이 연 아
온 라 인
시 간 : 금 요 일 10:30~12:00 pm
대 상 자 : 축 복 가 정 의 부 인 혹 은 축 복 을 생 각 하 시 는 여 성 분

축 복 을 받 으 면 남 편 을 존 경 하 면 서 살 아 야 한 다 고 2대 왕 님 말 씀 하 시 는 데 , 과 연 존 경 스 럽
지 않 은 행 동 을 하 는 내 미 래 의 남 편 을 존 경 할 수 있 을 까 요 ?
축 복 을 받 고 아 이 를 낳 고 기 르 면 서 사 랑 과 존 경 의 모 습 을 우 리 아 이 들 에 게 보 여 주 며 살 고
싶 은 데 생 각 대 로 잘 않 되 요 .
어 떻 게 하 면 좋 을 까 요 ?
여 러 분 . 같 이 고 민 해 보 아 요 ! 모 든 답 은 하 나 님 의 말 씀 에 있 습 니 다 . 같 이 성 경 의 말 씀 사
랑 과 존 경 을 공 부 하 면 서 울 고 웃 으 면 서 하 나 님 의 성 령 에 취 해 보 아 요 .
수 업 교 재 : “사 랑 , 존 경 ” 사 랑 플 러 스 출 판 (교 회 에 서 복 사 본 구 입 가 능 )

This class is full.

Biblical Educational Principles for Parents and Children (Japanese)

Recommended for those who can both read Korean and speak Japanese.

Leader: Kaori Suhara

Location: Online only

Time: Tuesday 9:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-BEJ

This Bible based class is about strengthening our relationship with God, and building healthy relationships within one’s family. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will seek: true fellowship, true identity, true value, and true life.

Required text: “Into” (두 란 노 Publication: Korean original text)

リーダー: 須原 香織
韓国時間 水曜日 午前 10:00 – 11:30


1. 親密な関係の法則
2. 自我の回復の法則
3. 聖書的価値観
4. 献身の法則 (本文プロローグより)
教材: 書籍 그래도 괜찮아 (두란노출판사:韓国語原文)

This class is full.

Let’s Study the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk with the Holy Spirit! (Korean)

Leader: Seon-Ja Paek

Location: Jinju Sanctuary Hall, Jinju

Time: Tuesday 10:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-CIK

By studying the Constitution of CIG which a citizen of CIG must know and behave accordingly, we will make efforts to apply it in real life situations.

Required text: The United States of Cheon Il Guk Constitution (Korean)

“천 일 국 헌 법 을 배 워 요 ” (한 국 어 )
인 도 자 : 백 선 자
장 소 : 진 주 성 전 강 당
시 간 : 수 요 일 11:00 am

천 일 국 국 민 으 로 서 당 연 히 알 고 실 철 해 나 가 야 할 천 일 국 헌 법 을 공 부 함 으 로 실 제 생 활 속
에 서
적 용 되 어 지 길 노 력 하 면 서 한 가 지 씩 심 도 있 게 공 부 해 보 고 자 합 니 다
하 나 님 의 성 령 의 인 도 하 심 따 라 열 심 히 재 미 있 게 하 겠 습 니 다.
수 업 교 재 : 천 일 국 합 중 국 책 자

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Let’s Read the Gospel of Matthew Together! (Japanese)

Leader: Toshiko Ootake

Location: Online Only

Time: Monday 8:00 am EST

Class code: FLL-GMJ

By reading the Gospel of Matthew which was written for the Jews, we can understand the Hebrews’ cultural background which is very important for understanding the Bible. I hope that finding the similarity between Jesus and True Father with guidance of the Holy Spirit of Father will be helpful in understanding the “Messiah,” the one born from the seed of God.

Materials: Harvest Time Mathew YouTube

リーダー: 大竹としこ
韓国時間 月曜日 9:00 pm

教材:ハーベストタイム マタイ福音書 (YouTube)

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Let’s Enjoy the New Testament! (Japanese)

Leader: Harumi Masubuchi

Location: Seoul, Korea

Time: Friday 12:00 am EST

Class code: FLL-NTJ

By reading the New Testament, we aim to understand the life of Jesus and the missionary activities of the apostles, and think about its relationship to the Principle.

Required text: Enjoying the Bible with stories and pictures (by Hurukawa)

オフライン ソウル聖殿 講義室
韓国時間 金曜日 1:00 pm

前半期はイエスの生涯 後半期には弟子たちの宣教をともに聖書を読みながら進め、
副教材:物語と挿し絵で楽しむ聖書 古川順弘

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Love and Respect – (Japanese) (Women)

Leader: Akemi Nguyen

Location: Lords Valley, PA

Time: Friday 10:00 am EST

Class code: FLL-LJW

In this class, we will watch and discuss the DVD series “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs. We will share out joy and struggles in our blessed marriage, and what is the meaning of having a marriage from God’s perspective. As expressed in Ephesians 5:33, husbands need respect, wives need love. It will be an eye-opening experience with Christ!

Required text: Holy Bible

“ラブ アンド リスペクト 愛 と 尊敬” 日本語 (女性)
リーダー : 朱美グエン
オフライン Lords Valley, PA
金曜日 10:00 am EST

このクラスでは エマーソン.エガリックスによる”愛と尊敬”DVD シリーズを見ながら、私達、祝福された結婚の中における喜び,そして様々な課題を共に分かち合い、神様からの観点から見た結婚の意味とは何であるのかを聖書の内容と共に学んでいきます。エペソ人への手紙5章33節に現されている”夫達は尊敬を必要とし、妻達は愛を必要とする。
推奨テキスト : 聖書

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The Study of the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk (Japanese)

Leader: Takeshi Iwamoto

Location: Online Only

Time: Friday 8:30 am EST

Class code: FLL-CGJ

This class will provide a basic understanding of the Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk. We will read and discuss the Constitution, covering the entire document during the semester. Hyung Jin nim’s words and Kook Jin nim’s words on the Freedom Society will also be added to the discussion. My hope is to be a small guide to help participants attain their own goals.

Required texts: “Constitution of the United of Cheon Il Guk” (Japanese), “Freedom Society” (Japanese)

日本時間 金曜日 9:30 pm

「このクラスは、天一国憲法の外観の理解を目指します。一項目ごとにディスカッション をしながら、読み進めて3ヶ月で完読する予定です。亨進様や国進様のみ言を原点としな がら、最終的に天一国憲法の基本的な理解に至ることを目的としています。
テキスト:天一国憲法 自由社会 (ともに日本語バージョン)

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Looking at Current Events Using the Bible (Japanese)

Leader: Yukari Ida

Location: Online Only

Time: Saturday 8:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-CEJ

At Sanctuary Church PA, 2nd King is interpreting the present complicated situations using the Bible. Therefore, we will also use the Bible, the main text Father studied to discover the contents of the Principle, to more deeply understand current events. Every week we’ll study different themes such as: “Sanctuary church and UC” and “President Trump and Globalist China (Satan’s power).” Our purpose is to raise awareness as Christians by thinking with the Bible.

Required text: Holy Bible

リーダー: 井田 優加理
日本時間 土曜日 9:00 am     

教材: 聖書

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Connecting Christianity with the Lord at His Second Coming: A Study of the Red Part of the Exposition of the Divine Principle

Leader: Andrew Derricutt

Location: Online Only

Time: Friday 7:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-DPR

The participant will gain a concise overview of the salient points of the Exposition of the Divine Principle. This should help in cogently sharing this expression of the new truth. The Exposition of the Divine Principle was revealed by the Lord at His Second Coming and expresses those things which Christ could not freely express at His First Coming.

All materials provided (PDF files will be made available).

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More than a Carpenter (Japanese)

Leader: Nobuo Mizutani

Location: Online Only

Time: Saturday 8:00 am EST

Class code: FLL-MCJ

In my class, we will lean how Josh McDowell, who was a former atheist, became a born again Christian from a common sense perspective. We will also focus on strengthening our own relationship with Christ through Bible and Divine Principle.

Required text: More Than a Carpenter (Japanese)

日本時間 土曜日 9:00 pm


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Letter of Paul to the Romans (French)

Leader: Michel Beauvais

Location: Online Only

Time: Friday 2:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-PRF

We will study the deep contents of the Book of Romans in order to more deeply understand the teachings of the apostle Paul. In doing so, we will seek to deepen our relationship with Christ.

Required text: The Bible

Titre : Partager sur la lettre de Paul aux premières églises de Rome. But : La théologie de Paul fondée sur les questions que Paul a cherché à résoudre suite à sa conversion lors de la « vision « de Jésus sur le Chemin de Damas. Les Chrétiens d’aujourd’hui sont très influencés par la théologie développée par Paul dans l’Epitre aux Romains : « justification par la foi » Il y a un contenu profond qui nous fera réfléchir et partager notre classe sur notre relation avec Jésus et le Christ.
Détails pratiques : Les classes se feront en ligne via « Zoom » chaque vendredi à 20 :00 heures, heure française ( 2pm US, Cote Est des US).

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Preparedness Peace

Leader: Christy McKenna

Location: Online Only

Time: Wednesday 7:00 pm EST

Class code: FLL-PRP

The unique value of this course is that it focuses on our relationships with God and Christ while presenting practical strategies for basic disaster preparedness. Biblically-based, you will build according to the Lord’s plans and purpose within the context of the Kingdom community. This course information will change your life; join hundreds of other families who now walk in peace because they are adequately prepared.

Required text: “Preparedness Peace: Small Group Participant Workbook” by Kynada L. Boland and Scott MacTiernan

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I Know Nothing about the Bible (Japanese)

Leader: Miki Koh

Location: Online Only

Time: Saturday 8:00 am EST

Class code: FLL-IKJ

In this class, we will read the Bible together and study its historical, political, and geographical background. By becoming familiar with the Bible, we aim to deepen our relationship with Christ. We welcome all, young and old, who are interested in the Bible.

Required text: Holy Bible

リーダー: 高 三貴
日本時間 土曜日 9:00 pm


This class is full.

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