The Gospel Family Trilogy

About The Gospel Family Trilogy

We would like to introduce you to the Gospel Family Trilogy. Three books we have just published that are a wonderful introduction to what we believe at Sanctuary Church.

The first book, From the Cross to the Crown and Beyond, takes a close look at the mission of Jesus from the perspective of His purpose, and also the Purpose of Creation. In the process, we look at what went so terribly wrong at the beginning of human history (the Fall of Man). We need to know what the original purpose was, and how it got broken if we want to understand what Jesus was trying to fix, i.e. what is salvation. From this perspective, we can understand why He promised He would come again after being forced to go the way of the cross and in what fashion He will return.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught us to pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. So, we look at what that Kingdom should be and include the Constitution for that Kingdom.

The second book, He Came Again with a New Name, Rev 3:12, was written with the goal of educating people about the second coming of Christ. As it says in Revelations 3:12, He came with a new name. 

Jesus was extremely controversial at His first coming to the extent that the religious leaders of His day cried out for Him to be brutally murdered on the cross. Through this he brought spiritual salvation, but the physical world remained under Satan’s dominion. 

His second coming was no less controversial, but He was victorious and succeeded in sowing the seed for God’s lineage to be on the earth and for God’s Kingdom to come.

This book looks not only at the accomplishments of His life, but also the intense suffering He had to go through to pay the price for our salvation and the building of the Kingdom. It also looks at where we go from here.

The third book, Gospel Family: a Guide to the Kingdom, describes a lifestyle for families wishing to participate and live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It is based on some of the teachings of Christ returned called “the Family Pledge”.

All three books stress the fact that God created us in His image, as His children, with unconditional love, and as such, He gave us freedom and responsibility. We are free to choose to live with God or not. It is our choice, which is why we ask that you be humble and open to hearing that quiet voice within, and don’t make the same mistakes as at the time of Jesus.

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