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Holy Spirit University (HSU) is comprised of on location and online classes that help us develop an everyday lifestyle of living with Christ.

Open to individuals 18 and older, classes meet weekly for 10-12 weeks. All times are posted in Eastern Standard Time (USA). Classes begin the week of February 12.

If you have any questions or feedback about HSU please email hsu@sanctuary-pa.org.

HSU Spring 2017 Catalog PDF


Register below by clicking on the “Register for this Class” button for the course you would like to attend. Then fill in your information in the corresponding Registration Form that opens up for that class. You will receive an email confirmation that your registration was completed (also check your “SPAM” folder). If you would like to register for more than one class, please register for each class individually.

“More than a Carpenter: Developing our Relationship with Jesus Christ”

Leader: Seyeon Moon

Online Only
SPR-MCE Tuesday 5:30 pm EST

This little book, “More than a Carpenter” by Josh and Sean McDowell (revised edition) made me understand how incredibly trustworthy the Bible is and who Jesus Christ really is. Through this better, deeper understanding I could love and praise Jesus Christ more. I would like to invite everyone who has interest in knowing him more to join my class.

Required text: “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell (revised edition)

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“The Battlefield of the Mind”

Leader: Jacob Mingala

SPR-BFO Tuesday 7:00 pm EST

On Location (London, England)
SPR-BFL Friday 2:00 pm EST

A raging war goes on all around us, on the streets, in the shops and restaurants, at the workplace and in schools, on our computers and in smartphones. The war is a battle over the control of our mind, between thoughts that seek to separate us from God’s presence and thoughts that empower us with the Holy Spirit.

Join our class to empower yourself with the Bible-based bestseller “The Battlefield of the Mind” and learn to shape your thoughts in God’s will and lift your mind up to heaven. We will also be utilizing Father’s words in our class discussions.

Required text: “Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind” by Joyce Meyer

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“A Victorious Spiritual Life Means Putting on the Armor of God!”

Leader: Lowell Ellanson

Online Only
SPR-SWA Tuesday 8:00 pm EST

Through this class, we’ll develop our knowledge of the authority, power, and victory that we own through faith in Christ. In his book “Dressed to Kill”, Rick Renner presents a scripturally sound manner in which to thwart every onslaught of spiritual wickedness. Let’s take responsibility to enforce Satan’s defeat at Calvary (and within the Blessing of True Parents), and walk God’s perfect plan for our lives.

Required text: “’Dressed to Kill’: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor” by Rick Renner

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“The Divine Feminine” (Russian)

Leader: Jane Kolobova

Online Only
SPR-DFR Wednesday 1:00 pm EST

This class will explore the role and responsibility of biblical women in providential history, so that we can better understand the role and value of women from God’s viewpoint.

Божественная женственность, Евгения Колобова

Только онлайн

Среда, 21 ч МСК

В этом курсе будут изучаться роль и ответственность женщин в истории провидения, и как это соотносится с современной эпохой женщин.

Материалы: Библия, Божественный Принцип, избранные речи Мун Сон Мена

 Required texts: Bible, Divine Principle, and selected speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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“Preparedness Peace”

Leader: Arthur Noren

Online Only
SPR-PRP Wednesday 7:00 pm EST

Welcome to Preparedness Peace! The unique value of this course is that it focuses on our relationships with God and Christ while presenting practical strategies for basic disaster preparedness. Biblically-based, you will build according to the Lord’s plans and purpose within the context of the Kingdom community. This course information will change your life; join hundreds of other families who now walk in peace because they are adequately prepared.

Required text: “Preparedness Peace: Small Group Participant Workbook” by Kynada L. Boland and Scott MacTiernan

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“The Force of Nature: Encountering God Where the Wild Things Are”

Leader: Lesa Ellanson

Online Only
SPR-FON Wednesday 7:30 pm EST

The class goal is to challenge and empower the participant by and through venturing outside into the creation (be it the countryside, a park, or a grand wild vista). Through study and weekly walks out of doors (weather permitting) the goal will be to encounter and experience the sublime truth of God’s beauty, majesty, serenity, and love; and to share in the heart of our True Father who loved nature.

Required Texts:    “With God on a Deer Hunt” by Steve ChapmanCheon Seong GyeongHoly Bible

This class has been canceled.

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“The Life and Love of Jesus” イエス様の生涯と愛 (Japanese)

Leader: Hiroshi Takebayashi

Online Only
SPR-LJJ Friday 7:00 pm EST

We’ll be reading a book containing Father’s words about the life of Jesus. We’ll be focusing on learning more about the Providence of Jesus, Father’s mission as the Second Coming of Christ, and the difference between the Old and the New Testaments. 


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“The Upside Down Constitution of Cheon Il Guk”

Leader: Dan Hutcherson

Online Only
SPR-CIG Friday 7:00 pm EST

This class will provide a primer on the Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk. We will read through the Constitution paragraph by paragraph and acquire a basic understanding of the meaning. There will be time for discussion, but the primary emphasis will be on covering the entire document during the 12-week period. 

Required text: “Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk”

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“The Study of the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk” (Japanese)

Leader: Hitoshi Hoshino

Online Only
SPR-CIJ Friday 7:30 pm EST

This class will provide a basic understanding of the Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk. We will read and discuss the Constitution item by item with the goal of covering the entire document during the whole semester.

Required text: “Constitution of the United States of Cheon Il Guk” (Japanese) 


リーダー:星野仁志 オンラインのみ 金曜夜730分アメリカ東部時クラスの目的


テキスト:天一国憲法 日本語バージョン

This class is full. If cancellations occur or space becomes available, registration will open again for this class.

“I Know Nothing about Father’s Words!” (Japanese)

Leader: Jacob Suzuki

Online Only
SPR-FWJ Saturday 7:00 am EST

The goal of our class to feel God’s heart through Father’s words, to restore our relationship with Christ, and get strength to fight against evil. We will be reading Father’s early speeches (1957-1970) as our reading material. Father talked a lot about Jesus in his early speeches.

文鮮明先生み言葉撰集 1957-1970年頃 オンラインでアクセスできますので新たに買う必要はありません。年齢制限はありません。

All materials provided

This class is full. If cancellations occur or space becomes available, registration will open again for this class.

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“More than a Carpenter” (Japanese)

Leader: Nobuo Mizutani

Online Only
SPR-MCJ Saturday 7:00 am EST

In my class, we will learn how Josh McDowell, a former atheist, became a born-again Christian from a “common-sense” perspective. We will also focus on strengthening our own relationship with Christ.


All materials provided

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“I Know Nothing About the Bible!” (Japanese)

Leader: Miki Koh

Online Only
SPR-IKJ Saturday 8:00 am EST

This class is for those who want to read through the Bible once to gain a greater overall understanding. We will be studying the Bible from different fields of study in order to deepen our understanding of God’s words. I hope that all participants will come to realize that the Bible is the written word of God directed to us. Loving the Bible is loving True Father!


Required text: Holy Bible (Japanese)

This class is full. If cancellations occur or space becomes available, registration will open again for this class.

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“Experiencing God”

Leader: Kerry Williams

Online Only
SPR-EXG Sunday 1:30 pm EST

Let’s explore together how God reveals His will to us in our everyday lives with the help of the Holy Spirit. We’ll be reading and discussing Henry Blackaby’s Christian classic “Experiencing God.” Translated into 47 languages, this book has helped millions of people develop a more intimate relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. 

Required text: “Experiencing God” (2007 version) by Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King

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“Stay Healthy to 100!”

Leader: Elke Noll

On Location Only (Newfoundland, PA)
SPR-STH Sunday 2:30 pm EST

In our class we will study and discuss the book “Healthy to 100” by Darrell Wolfe.

Each class will begin with a biblical passage showing a connection between scripture and healthy eating. Wolfe provides the general public with life changing foundational tools and strategies, so anyone can master their life and live healthily to 100 years of age!

He provides a good understanding how big pharma and big food have hijacked our health and well-being. He has made great effort to explain how our body works and breaks down in terms that a layperson can understand without sacrificing accuracy.

It is my hope that we can support and encourage each other, discussing strategies for maintaining healthy habits. There will be a few samples and food demos.

Contributions to offset cost of materials are appreciated. 

Required text: “Healthy to 100″ by Darrell Wolfe

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